products (visual overview)

Load spreading swivels with integrated lifting system Transporter for a complete packing machine strait. Height: 263mm, total capacity: 10000 kg. Extra low transporters maximizing the use of the available space Very compact and extremely low deck height Industrial, custom developed central processing unit, centralizing all functionality to ensure powerful yet compact controls Transporter with matching external lifting system to move and lift helicopter simulators. Capacity: 4000kg second generation innovative solutions ensure a very compact cabinet while accessibility is increased Floor lighting for operation in dark area's Transporting a Form-Fill-Seal machine with dosing unit and upper platform. Total weight: 10000 kg. The TPP10 can also be used as an in factory transporter for heavy loads Alternative color sceme 25T Mould transport and semi-automatic mould transfer into IMM 140T floating frictionless on an air film, as an industrial hovercraft Accessible, extra low deck transporters that help breaking free from the limitations of cranes, rails and chains Low deck transporters allow accessible palletized setup Minimal parking space Pallet transporter configuration Lifting and transporting long or circular loads Testing with 10T load Full automatic, omni-directional 2x50T tandem transporter All electrical wiring is protected inside flexible conduit systems Integrate gantry cranes without needing to adapt factory halls, not limited to a single area. Even load transport between different halls is possible. Omni-directional drive Rotaqx, 12T lifting capacity, 40kN traction force Swivel with drive frame, lifting system and swivel wheel Isolation and conductivity testing Black steel with stainless steel covers Nickel coated frame with carbon fiber covers Lift loads directly from floor level