Move 1.000's up to 100.000's of kg

Seaqx transporters are especially designed to lift & move heavy and extremely heavy loads, typically in an industrial or construction environment.

They can be used on good standard industrial floors without modification, due to optimal load distribution.

Move freely in all directions

Our transporters are truly omnidirectional: not only do they move forward, backward, sideways, take curves, drive crab, turn at the spot, but they can describe any thinkable 2D-curve, while rotating around their center.

Being able to make big direction changes in a second, without the need to stop and steer its wheels in a detour, they compete with any possible driving concept.

If your load fits through a narrow layout or corridor in theory, Seaqx makes it possible in reality!

Unsurpassed compact

Our basic traction modules are the the result of an intensive development process where size is a main driving parameter. These modules enable us to build the most compact self-propelled, omnidirectional wheeled solution on the market, with the lowest deck size as well.

This makes a range of new applications possible, such as: one-step-high accessible mobile assembly platforms, space-optimized autoclave loaders, mobile machinery and robot platforms, pallet transporters,...

For loads above about 10 ton, Seaqx vehicles are far more compact than any forklift: forklifts need at least a double surface area as they don't sit under the load and need more maneuvering space as they are mostly not omnidirectional.

As the need for oversized overhead cranes is eliminated, newly built production halls can be much lower.

Clean technology

No hydraulic fluids, minimal grease, that's what we aim for. This suits a growing environmental awareness and keeps clean modern facilities clean.

No combustion engines: clean brushless motor technology with super strong magnets do not spread carbon powder, even the gearboxes need no oil as they function with no gears.

Making use of the spectacular advances of nowadays mechatronic solutions, we are able to eliminate hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, without compromising on power and compactness and improving reliability and efficiency.

Clever simplicity and elegance

We believe that simpler solutions are better on all accounts. We believe that good design go hand in hand with nice aesthetics.


We base our designs on a few pre-developed basic modules, giving following advantages:

  • no prototyping errors: critical components of the vehicles are carefully designed and thoroughly optimized
  • modules are tested and proven in the field before being used in new designs
  • custom designed vehicles with short lead times, high reliability and reduced cost
  • fast feasibility assessment and accurate cost calculation
  • batch production
  • quick replacement and complete spare modules from stock