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picture of Kurt Vermijlen
Kurt Vermijlen
picture of Marijn Jansen
Marijn Jansen

More than engineering

Seaqx nv is an engineering company, started end 2009 by Marijn Jansen and Kurt Vermijlen. We take pride in being able, not only to design, but also to deliver completely finished products.

What we make

Seaqx specializes in the design and production of modern transport solutions for the industry. We build innovative machines that facilitate the handling of loads ranging from a few 1000 kg to several hundreds of tons.

Our transporters are typically used in an industrial indoor setting, covering tasks such as:

  • transport of: power transformers containers satellites oversized cable drums steel rolls large paper rolls glass planes...
  • loading: autoclaves ovens storage area's injection moulding machines and presses...
  • flexible production lines for heavy machinery like: trains excavators rocket boosters plane fuselages and components large motors and gearboxes wind turbines ship parts vessels prefab elements...
  • flexible production setup, mobilizing: packaging machines welding machines robot platforms complete production cells...
  • replacing overhead cranes and forklifts everywhere...
in industries such as:
  • heavy assembly and machine assembly aerospace ship building nuclear industry steel production and treatment packaging logistics injection moulding, die casting and stamping (QMC & QDC) automotive energy production and green energy...

Especially where high maneuverability is needed, our transporters are the optimal choice. We focus on omnidirectional vehicles on wheels, but are able to build transporters on air cushions, rails and mecanum wheels too.


We are currently developing 3 ranges of versatile SPMT's —self propelled modular transporters— that will suit the majority of applications. They will be clean and robust, omnidirectional, battery driven, cost-effective and more compact than any of the competitors vehicles.

Who is Seaqx

The owners and current directors of Seaqx together have more than 15 years experience in the line of business. They have been responsible for the design, production, sales and after-sales of radio controlled vehicles up to 60 tons, vehicles floating frictionless on air cushions carrying more than 200 tons, automatic guided vehicles in space industry, gantry cranes, full-automatic quick mould change installations, production lines, rail carts, train manipulators, airplane movers, rocket transporters... from the total concept to the last wire and bolt.

We have a wide practical and theoretical expertise in machine building, mechanics, electronics, micro-electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, high-current DC power control, structural and dynamic calculations, PLC and DSP, automation, programming, production methods, integration, normalization and machine safety.

Therefor, we are capable of providing any extra functionality a customer might desire from its vehicles.

Our philosophy

Instigated by exiting new technologies and having seen so many opportunities for improving the traditional concepts and ineffective production methods, we started Seaqx to put these ideas into reality.

Our past experience is why Seaqx strives for clever simplicity and elegance in its designs, efficient production and custom made products with increased reliability through the use of standardized and tested modules. We are enthusiastic engineers, passionate about finding the right solution.

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