Re-sizable multipurpose vehicles

One transport solution that solves a wide range of logistic questions in your plant

  • unique modular concept
  • one master, up to 14 slave modules
  • capacity: from 15 to 150 ton+
  • plug & play: add or remove slave modules in no time
  • pre-programmed & free configurations
  • switch between configurations with 1 button
  • integrated lifting system
  • radio controlled
  • of the shelf design
  • tandem operation possible
  • all electric and clean technology

Most in-plant logistic solutions for moving heavy loads are custom made, often designed for one task only. However, in many modern factories, different products with different weights and dimensions are assembled on the same production line. Subassemblies are smaller and lighter than the end-product, some parts are narrow and long, other have an unconventional shape, products evolve over time and options often change the load-symmetry of the assemblies.

To offer a solution, Seaqx is developing a unique modular logistic concept: a re-sizable vehicle suited for a wide variety of tasks. Multiple Seaqx standard drive modules are coupled and work together to lift and transport a load. The master module contains a large traction battery and a central control unit, the slave modules are quickly coupled not unlike wagons. A single connector supplies electrical power from the master module. Robust sensors measure the distance and angles between the modules. That information is used to automatically switch between pre-programmed positional configurations and maintain that configuration, even when driving empty. The operator can manoeuvre the modules independently too and lock that configuration with one button.

The re-sizable transporter only needs a few interfacing points with a load to lift it from the floor. It picks up pallets of very different sizes from underneath or from the side or picks up any machine, assembly or structure as long as it is provided with a set of support pads. The low overall height opens up application areas where other self-propelled vehicles come short. Minimum parking area is needed as the modules can be stored in their most compact shape.

A good example of its use can be found in maintenance or construction of airplanes: one transporter can be used to transport jigs with engines using a compact configuration, change to a U-shape to introduce composite parts into autoclaves. The transporter stretches out long and narrow to transport and position staging and scaffolding around planes. Using simple jigs even allows for picking up entire planes at the landing gear and move them sidewards inside a hangar or production street.