Tooling & Production Platform

mobilize your heavy and expensive equipment

  • wheeled transporter
  • capacity 10.000kg
  • integrated lifting system
  • differential driving
  • radio controlled
  • powerful direct brushless drive
  • load spreading suspension
  • accurate speed control
  • all electric and clean technology
  • DC-version: battery powered
  • AC-version: 400V supply via cable

Mobilize your heavy and expensive equipment and move it to the production station where it is required.

Retractable wheels are pushed down before moving. Once your machinery is in production, the frame of the TPP rests on 3 sturdy support pads on the floor of the plant, ensuring good stability. The dimensions of the TPP are adaptable to the size of the machinery. The structure is robust and the chosen technology has proven its reliability in many applications.

The TPP is a cost saving solution to boost the productivity of your installation.