Alternative technologies

Choosing the best technology for each application

Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. The Seaqx standard drive units are designed to a demanding list of specifications to be as universally applicable as possible. However, in some cases, a different technology is a better solution for a certain problem. The people of Seaqx have extensive experience with some other technologies. We've built dozens of motorized heavy-load rail carts, and have more than 15 years of experience in air cushion technology. In fact, heavy-load air cushions technology is the business where our roots lie. We also have knowledge about mecanum-wheel technology.

This contributes to Seaqx being a reliable partner to solve your logistic problems: we are not tied to one solution exclusively.

  • rail vehicles: when only a linear path is covered, shared by several vehicles, for traveling short strokes, when pure mechanical solutions are desired, or in heavy industries, rail vehicles can be an optimum choice.
  • vehicles on air cushions: air cushion technology with self-lifting cushions is a proven technology since the 60's. The technology has some limitations, but is undoubtedly economically advantageous to any alternative to omni-directionally move loads weighing more than 200 tons.
  • vehicles on mecanum wheels: Seaqx has assimilated a lot of knowledge about mecanum technology, a technology invented in the 70's. Since the advent of precisely controllable, electrical high-power motors, this technology experiences some renewed attention. Seaqx standard drives outperform the mecanum solution on many accounts, but mecanum wheels are certainly a functional and valid option for smaller transporters where deck-height, compactness, efficiency and duty-cycle are less important. Their surprising visual appearance is an eye-catcher.