Mobile Gantry Cranes

An overhead crane, free from rails, free between halls

  • lifting capacity: from 10 to 100 ton
  • based on Seaqx standard drive modules
  • tandem operation possible
  • fully omni-directional
  • with hoists or with rigid hooks
  • radio controlled
  • optional automatic guidance
  • all electric and clean technology

An overhead crane is a classic solution to move large components inside a factory. It's flexibility is recognized. However, the use of an overhead crane is limited to one hall and often heavy trailers are needed to move goods between halls. Moreover, for heavy cargo, the investment cost is substantial, as the overhead crane rails demand heavy duty columns to support them, demanding extensive civil works. This is especially problematic for retrofit. Another drawback is that loaded overhead cranes can't cross each other, limiting free production flow. Maneuvering long components can be a challenge too.

The Seaqx gantry cranes are a solution in cases where the points mentioned above matter. Our gantry cranes are completely omni-directional and can transport cargo between two halls. They are very well suited for retrofit, as they can be put into operation on any good factory floor, without extra measures or cost. They can cross one another easily. The Seaqx gantry cranes can operate in tandem, even with 3 or 4 cranes together, increasing capacity or to lift and maneuvre long parts.

The gantry cranes come with different set-ups: they can be supplied with one or more hoists, fixed or mounted on transverse rail-cats. The robust steel frames can have 2, 3 or more legs, making it possible to approach the cargo sideways. The cranes are fitted with standard Seaqx differential drives or with 2 or more Seaqx omni-directional drives that may be assisted by passive swivel wheels.

Seaqx also offers a different type of gantry crane: a gantry that only consists of a passive steel frame with legs, that does not contain hoists or cables. The load is lifted free from the floor using only the integrated 100mm lifting stroke of the standard Seaqx drive units. Fixed hooks or grippers mounted to the frame interact directly with the cargo. When working with standardized pallets or standardized loads (like containers or jigs), these gantry cranes strongly increase working efficiency: cargo can be picked up and put down in a matter of seconds, without having to couple a number of chains or hooks. The load can be transported without risk of swinging. Overall safety is greatly increased.

Seaqx gantry cranes can be provided with options. For instance, outer dimensions can be made telecopically extendable, or frame height can be made collapsible.